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Study association ismus provides extracurricular activities for political science students in Nijmegen. Though formally established as an independent study association in 2002, it has a short but rich history. The name ‘ismus’ refers to the various concepts of political science like socialism, liberalism, Marxism and realism. This meets the preference of political science students to give their own meaning to the concept of ismus, as political science students are characterized by never agreeing upon definitions and meanings.We have an office at Radboud University campus, Heyendaalseweg 141.00.150, Nijmegen. Here you will also find the “ismusroom”, which is basically a small lounge where you can hang out, drink (free!) coffee and chat with other students.

What does ismus do?

As an association for political science students, it tries to fulfil different goals. At first, it tries to intensify the contacts between students and the teaching staff. Secondly, it provides additional courses related to politics and political science to broaden the view of political science students. Thirdly, it provides activities and meetings to improve the interpersonal relations between political science students. The additional courses provided by study association ismus comprise various subjects and speakers. Usually it is related to contemporary politics, international relations, political theory or comparative politics. Former speakers include Alexander Pechtold, Pieter Omtzigt, Kees van der Staaij, Lilian Marijnissen and Jan Peter Balkenende who are prominent Dutch politicians. The activities and meetings provided by ismus include various study trips to cities like Saint Petersburg, Minsk, Kiev and Morocco as well as cosy meetings and lively parties.

About the organization

Study association is organized in various committees. These committees are organizing all the activities for study association ismus. The committees included are for example a promotion committee, a travel committee, a debating committee and, of course, a party committee. These committees are managed by a board of five members. ismus has a committee in which English is the main language, namely the (pre-)master committee.


Communication is provided by mail (the so called ismail), other social media such as Facebook and Instagram, talks in courses and the Heraut. The Heraut has a special positition in study association ismus as the independent news paper for political science students. The Heraut writes about every aspect relating to the study of political science like ismus, teachers and activities.

Want to become member of ismus?

The easiest way to become a member of ismus is by registering via the form below. Filling in the form is sufficient, afterwards you should be redirected to a page which confirms your registration. If you have any more questions you can always contact us at 

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